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SiApp – Get Paid For Your Physical Activity

Our Statistics

+10 000 Downloads on IOS and Android Platforms

+2 Billion Steps converted

Over 30%> daily user engagement

What is SiApp?

What we are creating a new way to participate in the world.

A technology that recognizes our human value.

A new Global currency generated by each of us, for all of us.

Your movement, convert into digital currency; and a step is worth the same value for everyone – no matter who you are, or where you are.

We find no need to posture or traffic in what’s popular at the moment; we find no interest in polls or fads.

We are working only for the purpose of making life not just people here but for people around the world, including those who had fled war and oppression.

We believe in the irreducible power of human being. Our technology was built on this side and symbolizes for us the undeniable the forward march of human progress.


Placing your product in Sishop, you expose your brand to thousands of health-conscious people looking to pay for it, thus you make it possible to attract new customers and additional traffic to your social media with integrated links in the Sishop


The value of a SiApp is determined from our wide-reaching partnerships. From brands that want to connect with health-conscious audiences, insurers wishing to encourage healthier lifestyle choices and governments looking to reduce healthcare costs

Thank you to our partners

And a lot coming soon +

Media about us

Media about us

App that pays you for your physical activity

Your will be paid for walking – Georgian App “SiApp”

Georgian students created app that pays you digital currency when you walk

Georgian Application Siapp – Earn Money When Walking

Our Location

Contact Info


IMPACT HUB, 8, Ninoshvili Street, 0102, Tbilisi, Georgia.


+995 (599) 03 28 10