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We pay you just for walking

1000 steps = 1 SiCoins

What is SiApp

SiApp – is a mobile application, that converts users steps into the coins, what can be redeemed for different goods and services from the in-app market or donated to friends or charity.

Bringing value to humans physical activity,

no matter of race or beliefe.

Earn money out of your physical activity

Providing a platform for businesses

where your product is asked by healthy conscious people.

Get promoted and raise awareness of your brand

through SiApps in-app market.

Rizvan Tokhosashvili


Nikoloz Shinjikashvili


Dimitri Kurashvili


SiApp Team

“It’s time to get out of the cars. An app that pays you just for walking”

“App that pays you money for your physical activity”

“Walk and Earn. New app from Georgian students”